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Floor Finishes

Lasting beauty requires minimal care with today's wood floor finishes. These finishes are usually urethanes and remain on the surface of the wood and form a protective coating. Surfaces finishes are popular today because they are durable, water resistant and require minimal maintenance. Various gloss levels are available.

Types of Floor Finishes

Oil Modified Urethane is easy to apply. It is solvent-base polyurethane that dries in about eight hours. This type of finish ambers.

Moisture-cured urethane is solvent-base polyurethane that more durable and more moisture resistant than other surface finishes. Moisture-cure urethane comes in non-yellowing and in ambering types. These finishes are extremely difficult to apply and have a strong odor should be applied by the highly skilled flooring professional. Moisture-cured polyurethane dries about eight hours and coasts more than other floor finishes.

Water-based urethane finishes are clear and non-yellowing. They have milder odor and dry in about two to three hours.

Wood Floor Installations